Exploration #001: The Beautiful Ride

Five guys, six surfboards, and 600 miles to Mexico…
As most adventures starts, we loaded up the car and hit the road to drive through the night. After about 13 hours of driving we made it! “Mexico…” everyone kept saying. We met up with some friends about 2 hours south of Ensenada to stay at a house right on the beach. An awesome little place made perfect to relax and hangout in between surf. And it was all of about 5 minutes to walk to the break! So if you can imagine a bunch of guys that have been crammed in the car all day and them finally reaching surf, then you can imagine us jumping out of the car, putting on our wetsuits, and paddling out. 
The main break we surfed is called Shipwrecks. It’s a mellow point break that produces long rights and some short lefts. If you get lucky and catch the right wave, you can glide right past the shipwreck that crashed there years ago, and continue riding down coast for a few hundred yards. It really is a dream.
It’s great to come back after a surf session and share a Mexican beer with some new friends. To be honest I only knew one or two people going into the trip. But after the first day it felt like hanging out with an old friend. Being your self, and just laughing at nonsense.  Having that mutual love for surfing and adventure makes such a special bond.
It’s funny, you go on a surf trip to surf, but really the thing you leave with is the time you spend with the people there. Cooking food, catching waves, dancing on the beach. It's all pretty simple, you put all these things together with a little bit of stoke and something truly unforgettable is made.
Where to find Cody:
Social: @cody.mathison
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